Archer Landscapes works with park, design, educational, and community planning professionals to create lively outdoor spaces where children, families, and community members gather to have fun.


We provide unique, relevant recreational products found in parks, schools, recreation centers, and along city streets. These products include playgrounds that challenge while remaining age and ability appropriate; splashpads and pool play features that educate and exhilarate.


Most of our work revolves around the use of naturally flowing water through Flowforms and their ability to enhance and enliven environments. Even though we have been delivering projects for many years, the end result still often exceeds even our own expectations. This is partly down to the wonderfully complex and relatively unpredictable nature of water and exemplifies the importance of it in our lives.


External fabricated cascading water play with dams and diverters, all clad in chestnut.



A pulley system pulls the mechanism that releases the water to cascade down the converted recycled slide with dams and diverters.